Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Political Tragedy of 2016

The Great American Political Tragedy of 2016

Like many progressives I think we have had a huge political tragedy in this country. I believe a lot of people are going to be victims of that. In my opinion it was very undemocratic and yes, I feel anger – among other emotions.
This is democracy?
In any other democratic country this would not be an issue. The majority should select the leader. That's the way "We the People" is supposed to work in a democracy. The American presidential election process is different. The process is broken. It is broken when twice in 16 years a president, chosen by a minority, is forced on a majority, because of the electoral college, a process created to protect slavery. In my opinion that is not democracy.
But, Trump won!!!
Yes, he did. He was lawfully selected. But, that "victory" is nowhere near fair and square. Trump used dirty tricks that would have made Nixon blush!
Those liberal are just "crybabies"
Crybabies, for protesting? Protest is part of the process of American democracy. That is why our constitution includes a bill of rights. This is far from over! "They" may soon control the presidency, the senate, the house and maybe even the supreme court but the right to peacefully assemble, speak and protest is still protected by the constitution.

Take that right away and you have killed everything this country stands for. For America to be America the right of citizens to protest has to remain and be respected.

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